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Welcome to my QAF FanFic website.  I hope you will enjoy my stories about the characters of Queer As Folk-US.  Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Disclaimer:  The characters of Queer As Folk belong to Ron Cowen, Dan Lipman, Russell T. Davies, and Showtime. Borrowing these characters is a privilege and a pleasure, and no infringement is intended.  Stories are not-for-profit, and are rated PG-13  (except where otherwise noted).
Justin wakes up in the hospital.   Part 1 of 3.
What Love Means
Kip drops a bombshell about the harassment suit,
and Brian determines to learn the truth.  Part 2 of 3.
Brian helps Justin recover from the attack on prom night.  Part 3 of 3.
With Interest
Brian holds Justin responsible for charges on the stolen credit card. 
No Big Deal
It's 1985; Brian Kinney is fourteen.  A Prequel.
Buttered Popcorn
This story  takes place in 1987; Brian Kinney is almost sixteen.  A Prequel.
Junior Year
It's 1987; Brian Kinney's a junior in high school.  Sequel to Buttered Popcorn.
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It's 1990; Brian's a college sophomore.  A Prequel.
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