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QAF FanFiction by Morpheus

Page Created:  2 July 2003
Page Updated:  15 March 2004
Grateful thanks to my good friends Katy Zapatka, Philflam and galedreamer for their generous support and encouragement.
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Prologue: Just Like That
Part 1: 
More or Less
Brian shares some important news.
Story Posted 7/2/03
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Part 2:  Wilderness Adventure
Brian and Justin are trekking west.
Story Posted 7/26/03
Part 3.  Shake and Quake
Justin convinces Brian to take a break in Phoenix.
Story Posted 8/14/03
Part 4. Two Lookers
Brian and Justin arrive in LA and settle into the condo.  Rated NC-17
Story Posted 8/27/03
Part 5.  Out and About in LA
It's Party Time.   Part one.
Story Posted 9/6/03
Part 5.  Out and About in LA
It's Party Time.   Part two.
Story Posted
Part 6. Not in the Mood
Justin parties without Brian.
StoryPosted 9/19/03
Part 7.  A Hard Time
Brian discovers that there was more to Justin's misadventure
at the beach party than meets the eye.
Story Posted 10/11/03
StoryPosted 9/26/03
Part 8.  Only You
Brian's ready to start tricking again and Justin's not happy about it.
Part 9:  Be Careful What You Wish For
Brian and Justin both get some things that they wish for.  And some that they don't.
Thanks to Katy for super-fast beta, and to GaleDreamer for storyline help and major nudging!
Story Posted 11/17/03
Part 10:  Partners
Brian, Justin and Lindsay adventure into Suburbia.
Story Posted 11/26/03
Part 11:  Say Uncle
Justin wants a job at Simpson Studios, but he needs a little help from his friends.
Story Posted 12/20/03
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