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Welcome to my webpage of QAF-related stories which begin at the end of Season 3 of the Showtime hit series.  I hope you enjoy my stories.  Feedback  is always welcome!
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Page Created:   16 January 2004
Page Updated:   20 March 2004
SPOILER NOTE:  I don't read spoilers and my stories are therefore spoiler-free for US viewers.
Grateful thanks to my good friends Katy Zapatka, Philflam and galedreamer for their generous support and encouragement.
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Part 12:  (d)
Jennifer Taylor visits and brings surprising news.
Story Posted 1/11/04
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Part 13:  For Your Eyes Only
Brian and Justin must register as domestic partners.
Story Posted 1/22/04
Part 14:  Seeing Things
Brian's in Pittsburgh visiting family, but Justin's just a phone call away.
Story Posted
Part 15:  Withholding Information
Brian's having adventures in Pittsburgh, Justin's having adventures in LA,
but they don't need to tell each other everything, do they?
Story Posted 2/4/04
Story Posted 2/25/04
Part 16:  Two Out of Three
Brian comes to terms with Justin's misadventure.
Conclusion (in two parts) - Part One:

Part 17: 
A Clam in Chowder
Brian and Justin make plans to go home for Christmas.
Story Posted 3/15/04
Conclusion (in two parts) - Part Two:

Part 18: 
Brian and Justin spend Christmas in Pittsburgh.
New Story
Posted 3/20/04
to everyone who has supported me during the creation of these stories!
Your e-mails and feedback made it possible for me to fight through writer's block a dozen times and persevere to finish this series. 
Special thanks to my good friends Katy and galedreamer and Philflam -
I appreciate you all so much!!