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QAF FanFiction by Morpheus
~ Season 3 ~
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Page Created:  9 February 2003
Page Updated: 2 July 2003
Reasonable Facsimile
Gap-filler for Episode 3-01.
SPOILER NOTE:  I don't read spoilers and my stories are therefore
spoiler-free for US viewers.
Grateful thanks to Katy Zapatka
for her generous support and encouragement.
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Story Posted
Gap-filler for Episodes 3-02 and 3-03.
Story Posted 3/23/03
Back to the Wall
Episode 3-05.  Not exactly a gap-filler; something a bit different.

Posted 4/8/03
House Call
Episode 3-06.  Not a story, just a snippet.

Posted 4/15/03
Gap-filler for Episode 3-07.
Posted 4/26/03
Posted 5/3/03
The Kiss
Gap-filler for Episode 3-08. 
For Philflam - Happy Birthday!

Trading Spaces

First story posted 7/2/03.