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QAF FanFic by Morpheus
Season 1
NOTE:  These Season 1 stories are also posted on my original website.  Links to the stories have been moved to this page in order to list them chronologically.  For Season 2 stories, click here.
No Big Deal
It's 1985; Brian Kinney is fourteen.
Buttered Popcorn
This story  takes place in 1987; Brian Kinney is almost sixteen.
Junior Year
It's 1987; Brian Kinney's a junior in high school  Sequel to Buttered Popcorn.
It's 1990; Brian's a college sophomore.
When Brian Met Lindsay
Brian's junior year at Penn State, 1991.   Rated NC-17.
One More Time
Annoyed by Justin's constant pursuit,
Brian is determined to have sex with the kid just one more time.
Gap-filler for Episodes 5-6-7.  Rated NC-17.
With Interest
Brian holds Justin responsible for charges on the stolen credit card.
Gap-filler for Episode 10.
Make A Wish
Justin turns eighteen.  Part 1 of 2.
Gap-filler for Episode 14.  Rated NC-17.
Justin wants some hands-on training.  Part 2 of 2.
Sequel to Make A Wish.  Inspired by Katy Zapatka.
In The Middle
Justin finds himself in the middle
when Brian and Melanie clash on the night of the Leather Ball.
Gap-filler for Episode 15.  Rated NC-17.
Changing Direction
Brian struggles to make a decision about Gus.
Gap-filler for Episode 17.
Justin's confused about which college to choose.
Gap-filler for Episode 17.
No Turning Back
Everyone has advice for Justin about choosing a college,
but he must make his own decision.
Gap-filler for Episode 18.  Rated R.
Crash and Burn
At Vic's celebration dinner,
Brian overhears Michael tell David he's going to Portland.
Gap-filler for Episode 21.
This story is dedicated to Katy Zapatka.
Before the Prom
Justin spends an evening at the loft before prom night.
Gap-filler for Episode 22.
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