More QAF FanFic by Morpheus
Changing Direction
Episode 17 Gap Filler:  Brian struggles to make a decision about Gus.
Before the Prom
Episode 22 Gap Filler:  Justin spends an evening at the loft before prom night.
Justin adjusts to life after the prom, except for some trouble with dreams.
When Brian Met Lindsay
Brian's Junior Year at Penn State, 1991 - Prequel
Note:  This story is rated NC-17.
A Trip to Fantasyland
Brian Visits Justin's Therapist.
This story is dedicated to Michael Mele.
One More Time
Annoyed by Justin's constant pursuit,
Brian is determined to have sex with the kid just one more time. 

Gap-filler for Episodes 5-6-7.   Rated NC-17.
Make A Wish
Justin Turns Eighteen  Part 1 of 2.
Gap-filler for Episode 14.   Rated NC-17.
Justin Wants Some Hands-On Training.  Part 2 of 2.
Inspired by a comment from Katy Zapatka.
Sleeping Boys
A weekend with Justin presents some challenges for Brian.
A post-finale story.
In The Middle
Justin finds himself in the middle
when Brian and Melanie clash on the night of the Leather Ball.

Gap-Filler for Episode 15.   Rated NC-17.
Justin's confused about which college to choose.
Gap-Filler for Episode 17.   Rated NC-17.
No Turning Back
Everyone has advice for Justin about choosing a college,
but he must make his own decision.

Gap-Filler for Episode 18.   Rated R
Crash and Burn
At Vic's celebration dinner,
Brian overhears Michael tell David he's going to Portland.

Gap-Filler for Episode 21.
This story is dedicated to Katy Zapatka.
Brian Kinney
Brian's reflections after Michael interrupts the scarfing.
Gap-Filler for Episode 22.