Queer as Folk FanFic
by Morpheus
Pre-Season-3 Stories
During the hiatus between Season 2 and Season 3 of Queer As Folk-US,  I'll be posting stories about Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor.  These stories will be Spoiler-Free and will probably bear no resemblance whatsoever to the new season, which begins on Showtime in March 2003.  

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Disclaimer:  The characters of Queer As Folk belong to Ron Cowen, Dan Lipman, Russell T. Davies, and Showtime. Borrowing these characters is a privilege and a pleasure, and no infringement is intended.  Stories are not-for-profit, and are rated PG-13  (except where otherwise noted).
1.  Shattered
Brianís alone in the loft after the Rage party at Babylon.
2.  Be Careful
Justin visits the loft to pick up some of his belongings.
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3.  Promise
Brian asks Justin to make two promises.
4. The Trigger
A late-night call for help.
5.  Intermissions, Part 1:  Changing History
Brian throws himself into work, but he makes time for a visit from Justin.
5. Intermissions, Part 2:  Three Forevers
Justin lends Brian a hand at Debbie's birthday party.
6.  The Competition, Part 1
Brian doesn't mean to interfere in Justin's life.
6.  The Competition, Part 2
Brian doesn't do ultimatums.
7. Kidnapped
Justin gets taken for a ride.
8. Secrets
There's no reason for Brian and Justin to keep secrets from each other.
Part 1:  Complications
Brian doesn't need complications in his life.
Part 2:  Sirens
"Open your eyes."
Part 3:  Juckin
Justin finds an accomplice.
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  Part 4:  Tree Munts
Three minutes to morphine.          
                    Part 5:  Visitors                   
Brian's at the mercy of hospital visitors.       
                    Part 6:  Homecoming               
Brian discovers you CAN go home again.   
                    Part 7:  Present Tense            
Surprises don't always turn out as planned.
                    Part 8:  The Man Behind the Curtain        
Gardner Vance visits Brian at the loft.
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