Queer as Folk FanFic
by Morpheus
Pre-Season-3 Stories
During the hiatus between Season 2 and Season 3 of Queer As Folk-US,  I'll be posting stories about Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor.  These stories will be Spoiler-Free and will probably bear no resemblance whatsoever to the new season, which begins on Showtime in March 2003.  

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Page Created:       8 July 2002
Page Updated:      10 January 2003
Part 9:  Sleep With Me
Brian's broken leg needs a new cast .
      For previous Intermission series stories....................................
Part 10:  Backward Glance
Justin hosts a dinner party at Brian's loft.
Part 11:  Lean On Me
Brian has a nightmare in the daytime.
Part 12:  Pie In The Sky
Brian doesn't want to feel grateful to Justin.
Final Chapter - Part 13:  What I Want
Brian makes a suggestion.
Conclusion of "The Prisoner of Tremont Street" series.
Part 1: Goodbyes and Hellos
Justin moves out of the loft.
This story begins where "What I Want" left off.
Part 2:  First Date
Justin experiences his first real date.
Part 3: Entrances and Exits
Justin's still seeing Lawrence, but he makes time to drop by Woody's.
Part 4: Introductions
Lawrence meets some of Justin's friends.
Part 5:  Don't
Brian makes a request to Justin.
Posted 11/5/02
Part 6:  Cat and Mouse
Justin asks Brian about the call to New  York.
Posted 11/10/02
Part 7:  Triscuits and Lobster
Brian and Justin go on a date.
Posted 1/16/02
Part 8:  Silences and Sighs
Brian and Justin deal with the aftermath of their date.
Posted 11/21/02
Part 9:  Cancel Forever
Brian and Justin share dinner and conversation.
Conclusion of the "Six Months" series.

Posted 11/25/02

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