Post-Season 4 Queer As Folk Fanfic
by Morpheus

No Spoilers for Season 5!
Stories rated PG and R, with occasional Xishness.
e:  mmmorpheusq@yahoo.com
Part One:  Mothers
Justin returns home from LA.
Part Two:  Deception
Brian and Justin go on a journey.
Posted 2/22/05
Part Three:  Chapter Eleven
Brian deals with some shocking information.
Part Four:   Best Friends 
Brian and Justin share confidences with their best friends.
Posted 3/2/05
Part Five: The Tomato Man   
Brian asks his mother some important questions.
Part Six:  Maybe, Maybe Not
Maybe Brian will look for his father.  Maybe not.
Posted 3/24/05
Part Seven: Boomerang
Brian returns from Boston.
Posted 3/31/05
Part Eight:  The Important Bits
A phone call is a catalyst for discussion.
Part Nine:  Chocolate Cake
Meetings are arranged with DuPont and Shaughnessy.
Posted 4/7/05
Part Ten: Starting Gate
Brian has a close encounter of the Zander kind.
Posted 4/18/05
Part Eleven: Run
Brian and Justin visit the Shaughnessys in Boston.
Posted 4/25/05
Part Twelve: The Key
Brian gets a late-night call.
Posted 5/6/05
Posted 5/16/05
Part Thirteen: First, Last, Only
Some unexpected visitors  for Brian.
Part Fourteen: Truth
Justin's apprenhensive when Brian announces
that they need to talk.
Posted 6/6/05
Part Fifteen:  Pee Trumps Drool
Gus accompanies Brian and Justin to Boston.
Posted 6/23/05
Part Sixteen - Finale: The Journey Home
It's time for Brian to face the music.
Posted 7/19/05
                                                       July 19, 2005

This concludes the Dark Roots series.  Enormous THANK YOU to my dear friend galedreamer, who truly has been my collaborator in this endeavor, and who has kept me focused on completing this final BJ series.  And I want to thank my original beta and dear friend Katy Zapatka, without whose encouragement and very practical help I'd never have gone beyond writing my very first BJ story four years ago.  

The BEST part of this fandom is the wonderful friends I've made and the fun we've had together, on-line and in person.  Thanks also to everyone who's ever written to provide feedback and encourage me to continue writing, your support has kept me going all this time!.  

It is my intention to continue writing, though I'm moving on from Brian and Justin.  In fact I am in the middle of writing a gay-themed novel, which I hope will be of interest to those who enjoy my writing style.  I'll post updates in my LJ as I proceed.


Thanks again to everyone who has encouraged and supported me on this amazingly wild and very rewarding ride!